Old Ericsson mobile phones, this is the place, welcome!

The original Ericsson logo

This is my collection of old Ericsson mobile phones. Many of these phones came to Switzerland from all around the world, so not every model is GSM based. Enjoy the pictures! If you have any questions, write me in Deutsch, Français, Italiano or English. Please consider that I won't sell my phones, so don't ask me about that.

Since this hompage is a swiss one, some menus are in German language, I tried to translate or to clarify whenever it was possible.


The world of Ericsson mobile phones

The beauty and the elegance of these phones are unique. Visit my galleries and see what Ericsson phones looked like in the years 1987-2001. Welcome to the world of old Ericsson mobile phones. You will not only discover my collection of Ericsson mobile phones, but also a lot of other information about Ericsson phones I collected from the Internet. Whenever it is possible I tell you all you have to know about the source of the pictures or the information.


About Ericsson smartphones....

GS88 Communicator

Did you know? This is the first smartphone from Ericsson, the GS88, a prototype from the late nineties, never released on the market. The first real smartphone for everyone was the Ericsson R380 from the year 2000.

The glass cabinet

The glass cabinet in 2014

The glass cabinet: since 2004 my collection is growing, in the early days it was easy to get new models every week, but nowadays it is quite difficult to get new and rare models in good condition. But if you manage to stay in contact with other collectors around the world, it is still possible to get the most impressive prototypes. Winken For the moment I have about 200 Ericsson phones, here most of them are shown together in the glass cabinet. 

Display Phones

For those who like Display Phones from Ericsson, there are some nice examples too, just visit the Display Phones section!

Enjoy the tour!

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